Dieter Harms,
pastor emeritus

A South African of German origin, I am English, German and Afrikaans speaking .

Many years ago, while still an artisan, I became involved in youth work to such an extent that I decided to be fully trained as a pastor.

I studied theology in Germany and South Africa and was ordained as minister of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Southern Africa, thereby also becoming a licensed Marriage Officer. I have served in several congregations throughout KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng until my early retirement for health reasons in 1998.

Ever since, I have carried on with the part of my work that I enjoy most: working with couples on an individual basis, preparing them for a lifetime together. In this way, I can pass on counselling experience of many years which I find very rewarding.

While I am also doing relief work in congregations around Gauteng and beyond, the main focus is on weddings.

Meeting people from around the world and every walk of life is what makes this an especially enjoyable task, and I am looking forward to continually offering my services in the future.