The following details serve merely as a guideline - please contact me for further information.

These documents are required:
  • South African citizens must present their identification document or an affidavit proving their identity.
  • Non-South African citizens must present their passports plus an affidavit. Should they be permanently resident in South Africa, their South African identity document suffices.
  • In addition to the above, divorcees must present the final court decree of divorce.
  • Widows / widowers must present the death certificate of the deceased spouse.
  • Minors must provide written consent of their parents or guardian.

These conditions are set by law:

  • A marriage may only be legally solemnised in one of the following places: a church building or a building used for religious services; a public office; a private dwelling-house.
  • Presence of parties and witnesses: The bridal couple plus at least two competent witnesses have to be present.
  • Marriages by proxy may not be solemnized in the Republic of South Africa.
  • Non-South African citizens usually need a full marriage certificate to have their marriage registered in their home country. The certificate is obtainable from the South African Department of Home Affairs; speedy acquisition can be arranged. For country-specific regulations, the representing office of the respective country should be contacted.