Should you decide to take the marriage preparation course, the following will be on the cards:

  • Who are you - who is your partner?
    Different personality types and how they match; each character's specific strengths and pitfalls

  • Your personal background and that of your partner
    What is the effect on your relationship, and how to treat your past

  • Love versus infatuation
    How to distinguish one from the other, and their respective value in a relationship

  • Conflicts and crises
    When to expect them - how to prepare for them - how to deal with them

  • Religion - yes or no?
    What has God to do with it all?

  • "...until death do us part"
    Does it make sense? How do we deal with the statistics?

  • Children, friends, family and in-laws
    What role do they play in your relationship?

  • At the end of the course, any topic that is of particular interest to you personally, can be added