So you know exactly what you want...or maybe you don't?

Whatever the case may be, I offer you five sessions in preparation of your special day and married life:

  • During our first meeting, we learn to know each other and discuss your wedding in general.
  • In three further sessions, I take you through a course in which you learn to know yourself and your partner in a way that will help you deal with your differences during your marriage. However, if you prefer not to take the course, it can be excluded from the package (for details of the course, see Counselling).
  • At the final meeting , we will finalise and confirm arrangements, as well as prepare all documents for your wedding (see Legal Aspects).

We will discuss your wedding ceremony:

  • what theme it will be based on
  • what language(s) you prefer
  • if there is music you would like to incorporate
  • if there are any other elements - personal texts, special vows - you would like to include, or family / friends you want to involve
  • I will present you my suggestions, and you tell me if they meet with your interest well as the venue:

  • you might want to get married in a church
  • or at a wedding venue with a chapel
  • or at a private residence
  • or on a lonely island or in a hot air balloon...the sky is the limit.